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Welcome life frustrating you, are you feeling overwhelmed and not sure which way to turn?
Are you worried things are not going as you had hoped or as planned?

When we are trying to navigate life's challenges and difficulties we all need someone to help us figure things out. 
Sometimes it helps to have another person to shine a torch on the path so we can see which way we want to go.

Whether it's anxiety, work issues, health issues like chronic pain or fatigue, repairing relationships, grieving, identity, low mood or working through career or financial changes, people tell me they find it helpful to talk things through, to find clarity and a way forward which works for them. 

Counselling is a confidential place, personalised for you, helping you to figure things out and to find your direction again.

Looking forward to meeting with you

One of the most common issues people are struggling with is Anxiety. I will support you to reduce the effects of anxiety and stress. You will do this through various strategies which help to calm the mind and body.  To reconnect with ourselves, regroup and quieten the mind, we work to your strengths. And yes you do have strengths even if it doesn't feel like it or you feel you can't see them, they are there.

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You can meet with me in person or we can work together online - either way is effective in supporting you in your counselling goals.  You can fill in the form below or contact me at  0220811869

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