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Welcome life frustrating, are you feeling overwhelmed and not sure which way to turn?
Are you worried things are not going as you had hoped or as planned?

Sometimes it helps to have another person to shine a torch on the path so you can see which way you want to go. Through this, you will gain insight and strategies to move forward.

Do I need unpack my entire life history to move forward?  Not always. Though sometimes we may peek into the past to see if there is something holding you back. 

Counselling is a confidential place, personalised for you, helping you to figure things out and to find your direction again.

I work online as people can find this to be just as effective as in person. Meeting from the comfort of your home, office, outdoors, at the beach, park. This also helps with peoples time restrictions and travel. Meeting with people from all over Aotearoa New Zealand. 

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom let me know and I will guide you.

Looking forward to meeting with you

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You can contact me at  0220811869

Counselling supports...

Navigating emotional pain, Anxiety, Work life balance, Burnout, Health issues such as chronic pain or fatigue, Working through career or financial changes. Finding your assertiveness, Grief n Loss, Coping with life changes. Exploring identity and an LGBQTIA+ safe space.


One of the most common issues people struggle with is anxiety...I will support you in reducing the effects of anxiety and stress. You will do this through various strategies, reducing overthinking, calming the mind and body. To reconnect with ourselves and regroup we will work to your strengths. And yes, you do have strengths !